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Iluka Case Study

Case Study

Eneabba Mineral Sands Recovery Project for Iluka Resources


Iluka Resources (Iluka) is an Australian-based resources company that specialises in the exploration, production, and marketing of mineral sands. Iluka plays a vital role in the supply chain of various industries that rely on its mineral products, particularly in the production of ceramics, pigments, and advanced materials.


To continue Iluka’s Eneabba Upgrade Program, the company needed to engage with stakeholders and the community to mitigate the potential social risks involved in managing radioactive waste. Additionally, they aimed to design an engagement program that would ensure full disclosure about the Phase 3 process and collect data regarding public opinion.


Iluka engaged 361 Degrees to prepare and implement a Community Consultation Plan to support Phase 3 of their project. The engagement program included a consistent and proactive approach to effective engagement and communications. The project team collaborated with key stakeholders from state and local government, as well as the broader community to provide information about the project, understand community sentiment, and address any key issues or concerns.

Given the higher level of radioactive ore involved in the project, a risk-based approach to engagement was crucial. Iluka’s commitment to meeting high levels of regulatory and safety obligations to satisfy the State Government’s Environmental Approvals process was emphasised throughout the engagement process.


Through the engagement program, Iluka was able to identify and mitigate potential social risks associated with managing radioactive waste. The program also enabled Iluka to collect data on the climate of public opinion and provide full and detailed disclosure of the Phase 3 process. Iluka was successful in obtaining the necessary environmental approvals to deliver Phase 3 of the project, while building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders across the community.

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